Have + Past participle

  • Olga has promised to help me.
  • Max and Olga have finished the race.
  • We have tried to do our best.
  • Firstly, Finally, Basically, Another thing, AS faras, Suppose, Anyway

    • Firstly, they are absolved from the responsibility of paying for major repairs.
    • Finally, Mike and Duncan performed a blues with drum accompaniment.
    • Basically she had what would have been called a candida problem.
    • Suppose you clear an array of 10,000 bytes in your program by going around a loop made up of two instructions 10,000 times.
    • Anyway, after the shower, I was still feeling hot and sticky, but I felt a bit cooler.

    Methaphars and indioms with:
       -Hands   -Hear   -Legs   -Head

    • On the one hand, one can describe the humanities as almost abject in the contemporary socio-political context.
    • The heart of God for His saints is always displayed before the needed admonitions and corrections are given.
    • The Treasurer was a member whose legs were burned, this ensured he could not abscond with the funds.
    • At the end of the performance, a head popped out of the orchestra pit to receive some acclamation.

    Synonyms of concened, loathed, describe, buddies & unfortune.

    • burdenstar
    • intereststar
    • abhorstar
    • despise
    • express
    • ilustrate
    • associatestar
    • chum
    • unhappy
    • unlucky

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