Australian stereotypes and voices

1. A stereotype is something that is considered or expected to be normal due to the environment people live in or something that is considered normal for a person to do, own or use. Two Australian stereotypes include that all Australians own barbeques and that all Australians love to go to the beach. These stereotypes are not accurate in my opinion as there are many people in this country that hate beaches and hate vegemite or just not love it like it is said they should.

  1. Stereotypes can be damaging to a person or group as they can be hurtful to some people depending on what the stereotype is, it can also change the way that some people behave as they are worried about being classed in that stereotype.
  2. There are three main Australian accents that are used around the country, these include broad (like Steve Irwin), general( Julia Gillard) and cultivated (cate Blanchetts speech ). I feel that I have more of a general Australian accent as I use words and sentence structure that represent this of accent.