My Learning Journey

CSSAC was an incredible experience! I want to use this slide show/personal blog style writing to display what I thought about in key moments and what I've learned being a part of this group.

First day coming here was pretty intimidating. I got lost cause my phone ran out of battery and then it was pretty awkward going into the meeting at like 3:40, 40 minutes late.

What I learned: Charge the phone at night.

CEA Conference

Cynthia, Wyatt, Matt, Debbie and I went to the Canadian Education  Conference and I learned that public speaking was something I needed to continue to work towards. I was confident with my initiative ability as I went to talk to the coordinator of the CEA if our CSSAC group could do something as a follow up to the conference. He was able to give us the opportunity of writing a blog and do an interview.

What I learned: Talk better by being more confident and by talking slower. Think about what you want say.

Meeting the Chief Superintendent

It was great to talk about key issues and to voice my opinion about class size, honors as well as technology in the classroom. The change in curriculum was a very interesting notion in my mind, so if I'm a part of the older system, how does that affect me (not being a part of a new education system)? I think it means I need to be more involved with extra-curricular activities, because the new curriculum will bring more flexibility in classes. Perhaps I should just simulate what I think a new curriculum would look like?  

What really stood out was how good Naomi Johnson was at speaking and structuring her sentences. That's what I need to do. She told stories and explain particular aspects before illustrating main ideas. I think that's a technique that I can learn for the future

What I learned: Try out the story method of speaking and also get an idea of the flaws for the old system of education so you can make up for them.

China Youth Leadership Summit

I found out that my chinese had gotten so much worse, it was pretty bad communicating even semi-difficult ideas. Going into the summit I didn't know what to expect, but there were a few things I was glad about:

1. The Chinese experimental high school was very good at helping a student continue their extracurricular activities, something in which I think we can learn from.

2. Counselors to help students go international, we don't have that.

On the other hand I was disappointed with certain restrictions of activities and amount of student input for educational decisions. My thoughts are that eventually there will be more flexibility for students to dictate their learning.

What I learned: The students in China were very similar to us, but there were certain subtle details within education we could learn from each country's system.

Chilling in China

We had so many photos so I won't post any, but we went to so many historical places and it was a lot of fun with our CSSAC crew. I remember writing that blog together, we couldn't stop laughing for some reason, like that was a waste of time. Every night it was mentally and physically tiring, it was awesome to recount the day at night time with friends during our hotel time. I ate a lot too in the mornings.

I probably should've been much more diligent before hand in learning about Beijings culture and history in general. We went to the museum and I was pretty clueless on most things, it would've been better to research a bit about the dynasties and artifacts so that I know what to look at.

I also remember the great wall, how amazing that was, I saw the stairs. When we were climbing down I was actually sort of worried about how other people go down and what if they fell. Like how do they deal with accidents. It was tiring but really fun to climb all the way up. Brant was a beast, he climbed faster than all of us, which is crazy.

CBE symposium

I felt this gave other students a tremendous opportunity to voice opinions, I was just glad to be part of it. Most of the students were incredibly smart, showed me that our generation had a lot to look forward. I don't have any photos, so....

What I learned: The next generation of kids are going to do great things, probably more than our ancestors.

That concludes my self reflection blogs. Thanks!

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