Team Pink or Team Blue?

Week 19

adventures of baby bock

In five short sleeps we will be finding out if Baby Bock is a boy or girl! I think this week will DRAG as we are waiting for Friday afternoon to arrive. We are so excited and anxious to find out the sex and make sure the baby is healthy. Eric and I will find out Friday afternoon and love the idea that we will be the only two who will know for a full day. We have planned a small gender reveal party for Saturday with our immediate families and have a fun surprise in store for when they will find out! We're so excited for the reactions and for everyone to be able to start saying he or she instead of it!

We didn't want to be too cliche and pinteresty with our party on Saturday but it's hard not to be! We have a few things planned and I posted some pictures of what we are thinking for those who aren't able to join. We wish we could have done a huge party, but our immediate families alone total almost 20 people and it would have gotten out of control - fast! Don't worry, we plan on posting a Tackk announcing the gender Saturday evening so everyone can know asap!

gender reveal party

So what do you think Baby B will be!? We have no feelings either way, I swear. And all the old wives tales are almost 50/50 split between a boy or girl. I'm not very helpful for guesses but your bet is as good as ours! We want to hear what everyone thinks - so tell us your guess!

week 19 bump + off-limit foods