Lots people on Outro island live in either the modern luxuries homes in Razr city or in the country side of the island which homes are simple shacks with views of our lush green mountins and the white sand beaches. The average population on Outro island is about 20 thousand. About 15 thousand live in the condo's or apartments in Razr city. While the rest of live in small shacks or villages. The architecture in Razr city is wildely different for each apartment or condo with different structures and colors. Mean while each shack looks the same but with different locations.


70% in Outro island are "Physco-matic " and 20% are "Zionist "and the last 10% are other. "Physco-matic" is where billions of years ago the earth was made of a giant fish egg. "Physco-matic" people are really peaceful and outgoing. Many just want to live a happy fun life. "Zionist" was made by a man which thought he new the future so he predicted that the world will end with war the only solution was to only trust your family. "Zionist" people are to themselves and dont like to be botherd unless your family, but they also enjoy they little things in life. The other 10% are just about any race.

Creative expressions

In Outro just about any extra time is spent with friends and family or by yourself. Many go hiking with familys up to the highest mountins on the North hemisphere called H3.  Wich give a non stop greeenary up the mountin and breath taking views. Just about every half mile there is a picnic area for some family time. If they dont prefer family , but friends many go have fun at one of the largest amuesment and water parks ever built on an island, With active rides or calm. Just about everyone here must need alone time so they go to our white sand beaches and silk like water were you can sit and relax with a mellow toon or swim with exotic bright fish. Just about everyone on Outro island has there extra time well spent.


Since Outro is mostly tropics lots of citezens here love all live sweet fruit... or dead.        Yes dead, many of the locals love fried dead snake or frogs or anything except humans of course. This gives our locals a new taste from all average food given around the world. Many people say it taste bitter at first but later on the juices kik in to give an un explain able taste. Our recources also give us some of the wierdiest looking fruit but with the most mood boosting flavors ever. Some can be sweeter than candy or just the right amount of sugar you need. Others are tangy or just plain with little kiks in them.

Just about everyone and everything has a purpose on Outro island with non stop fun and creativity. Just about everyone is happy on this island . (:

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