Flower Power
Erin Gonzalez Per. 2, Emily Ortega Per.3

     From our phase 1 graph we have only changed one equation. In equation 6 the original would have looked like r^2 = 100sin2theta. We lowered the variables so the equation would be in better proportion to the rest of the graph. The new equation looks like r^2 = 49sin2theta.

    Our graph is supposed to look like a flower. The first part of the graph is the center which is made up of a cosine rose graph. The outer petals are made up of 4 circles all similar in equations so they are proportional. The last element of our graph is a lemniscate which makes up the flower's leaves.

      We experimented mathematically when we were on the second phase of the project. We were trying to figure out the equations that would fit the graph that we drew in the first phase. We experimented when we were figuring out first, if it was cosine or sine and second, if it was negative or positive. This was not very difficult for us because we are able to graph sine and cosine circles, lemniscates, and rose graphs well. Although we were able to graph them well we still had to take some time to figure out the graphs and what numbers fit to make the equations look the way we wanted. This is how we experimented mathematically in the project.

       While we were completing this assignment we learned how to graph lemniscate, rose, and circle graphs even better. We got faster at it as we did each phase. We learned time management and how to get our project done and have it turned in on time. We also learned how to make these different types of graphs actually look like a flower with leaves on it. Learning how to use the tackk website was also something we learned. We have never used this website before this project. These are the things that we learned while completing this assignment.

       We did not necessarily enjoy working on this assignment because it was just not something that either of us wanted to do. We already knew how to graph the sine and cosine lemniscate, circle, and rose graphs. It did not take us long because it was pretty easy for us to do. We enjoyed coming up with the name of the graph but everything else we did not enjoy. This is what we enjoyed about this assignment.

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