"A Raisin in the Sun"

Review Scene 5:

1) What does the dialogue in this scene tell us Mama wants to do? Think in broad terms.

                It tells that Mama wanted to buy a house and leave the old apartment.

2) When Mama gives the envelope to Walter, what does this tell the audience?

           When Mama give the envelope to Walter, it tells that Mama wants her kid to reach their dream.

Review these lines from Scene 8:

MRS. JOHNSON: Some folks might say don't go where you're not wanted. But I think it's wonderful that you are all so...brave.

1) Why does Mrs. Johnson pause before the word "brave"?

           Mrs. Johnson pause before the word "brave" because  they're moving to a place of white neighbor. A place where a black family house was once bombed.


Review Scene 11:

1) What is the most important idea in this scene? Think in broad terms.

The most important idea is Walter willing to put his dream a side and be a good model for Travis and move to a new house with his family, after learning a lesson. A lesson to don't trust people that much even if your their best friend.