Decleration of Independence

Unalienable Rights

The reason a Just Government needs a consent of the Governed is because if they didn't have a consent then nobody would agree on who our leader would be and we would end up like Britain did which was the reason we left

The people responsible for protecting our unalienable rights are the Government and the president because if they don't listen to our voice then we will not have a say in our country and they will take stuff away from us.

The declaration is not outdated because all of our unalienable rights are and should be still in affect such as the right to bear arms we should be able to protect ourselves in a crisis

some of these principles matter to me and that is the right to bear arms and the reason is if they take away our right to have guns the people without guns can't protect themselves from someone that has a gun that breaks into their house

Unalienable rights are rights that the Government cannot take away from you

Government by consent is the power of society to elect who will rule us instead of being told and we have a voice in the government

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