the difference of Christianity Islam and jewdisam


The three religions all have one god but they have different beliefs.In Christianity they believe that gods saver all ready came and that he saved us form all bad but in judisam their masia or saver hasn't came yet. The Christians have a bible were they have most of their story's and information about god and what he did.The Christians use a cross to represent their religion they used the cross because gods son died in it.                          


In Judaism they have different names for their religious thing like the Torah and the synagogues but they all technically have the same definition the only difference is that they changed the name.


the holy book of  Islam is the quaran they use the quaran to read about their religion and they also only belie in 1 god.Their holy place is the mosque like the church they prey their and they also visit god their

all the religions both had holy books which that were they got all their information about their religion

this is the holy place or the church which people went their to visit god and learn about his teachings.

All Muslim people have to come here once at least in their hole life spand.

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