hello, my name is Ssanyu

Ssanyu Nabaliisa

I am the oldest in my family and I have my sister and my mom.Me and my sister we dont think of our selves as sisters we think of our selves as best friends.

My most of my family is from Uganda (a country in middle east Africa) all my aunt,uncles,cousins on my moms side live in Uganda and we are going to visit this summer

     Things about me
< I try to be happy all the time
< I love Cartoon Network: Adventure Time,The amazing world of gumball,and regular show
< I would eat anything with BEEF
< My family speaks a diffrent language
< I hate tomatoes
< Best subject is math
< My favorite singer is Jamie Grace

My Bucket list
Sky diving,Going to Hawaiio,Riding an elephant,Going on a cruise,Meet a fomus singer,Going Italy,Pet a tiger,hanggliding,Swiming with a dolphin,Go to the White House,Go to Hollywood,Los Angeles ,andArlando,Get an Alaskan Malamute

Bye ;-)

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