element scavenger hunt

this is a heterogeneous mixture because you can tell the different types of candy

this is malleable because the aluminium is flexible and easily takes other shapes

this rock is a solid because it doesn't take shape to the table that it is on

the calcium is explained on the nutrition facts box on the milk carton

this type of makeup contains sulfur

light bulbs contain halogens in order to make light

this screw is something that is ductile which can be drawn into a thin wire

this is a water droplet. it is a liquid because it takes the form of whatever its on or in

these pipes are rusting which is a chemical change they are turning from solid       pipes to flaking and crumbling pipes

this is an example of a homogeneous mixture because the koolaid completely dissolves into the water

these diamonds are an allotropic form of carbon. pure forms of the same element that differ in structure

these peaches contain potassium which boosts your immune system

this is strontium an example of an alkaline earth metal strengthens your bones

cobalt is an example of a transition metal

this piece of ice melting is giving an example of a physical change

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