European Exploration Proposal

On August 12, 1512 I want to go to Spain to collect gold for England, all I  need is your money and food for the trip, in return I will give you half the gold I collect. I will not let you down.  I will get all the gold there no matter what it takes! After this trip our country will be richer than any other country out there.

Excited to travel on the ocean to Spain!


Exploration has been around for years... But my plan to get the gold will be in a whole new way and me and my men will get all the gold there!


I will travel by ship and hopefully it wont take me more than a week or two to get to Spain. Bad things may happen to my men and I but we will over come anything that comes after us! We are ready for anything.


I will need you to get my men and I food for our trip, I need food for the trip to Spain and the trip back to England.  My men and I will not waste a bite of the food you give us.


France will be trying to get just as much gold from Spain just like us but you don't have to worry because I have a plan and I will bring as much strong powerful men as possible and if they try taking the gold we deserve we'll just kill them.

I expect plenty of people trying to take the gold away from me when me and my men go to collect it but I have the strongest men out there and they are willing to do absolutely anything to get the gold! I will have all the gold from Spain, and you will have half or maybe more.


There will be lots of obstacles through out the trip. For example there might be a storm while my men and I are on the water, people will try to fight us for the gold, or we'll get lost, but I will over accomplish any thing that comes ahead of us, we will find a way to get that gold no matter what it takes all I need is your money and food to pay for the trip. This trip will be hard and tiring but I have the men to get through it and get what we deserve.

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Going to Spain to get riches for England! Well, I am glad I'm getting supported by the French.