By: Grace Wilford

Mesopotamia is an ancient world that not many people know about. I used to be one of them before Mr. Klumper (an amazing s.s. teacher) paved the way! Mesopotamia is a very interesting place. It is between two rivers, the Tigris and Eurphrates river.That's how it got its name. Mesopotamia actually means land between two rivers!


Ziggarat- a place to worship; a temple shaped building

Irrigation- a way to control when and how much water crops get.

Fertile Crescent- an area of land that is curved and good for farming.

Civilization- a group of people with a complex society

City State- an individual unit complete with its own form of government

Mesopotamia- "Land between 2 rivers"

Polytheism- the worship of more than one god.

Cuneiform- wedge shaped writing

Code of Hammurabi- a set of laws established by King Hammurabi.


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