Madhu Koneru Quotes of MEC Expanding Plan of Railway in Indonesia

Madhu Koneru Quotes of MEC Expanding Plan of Railway in Indonesia. Madhu Koneru, MEC’s executive vice chairman, said there was potential to expand the 130-kilometre-long railway project, with scope to build as much as 1,000 km of railway in East Kalimantan.
“We are focusing on the (current) railway project, and that is long-time construction,” Koneru said, speaking on the sidelines of an infrastructure conference in Jakarta.
“Technically yes there is potential (to extend the railway), commercially yes there is potential…we have planned for expanding the railway if it makes logical sense going forward,” he said.
MEC has a licence for a 5,000 hectares coal mine in East Kalimantan and has already finished exploration works, Koneru said. It has close to 2 billion tonnes of coal reserves in the East Kalimantan mine and about 30 percent of production will go to the domestic Indonesian market while 70 percent will be exported to India and China.
He said production would start about six to eight months before the railway begins operations.
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