Police Officers
By: Kylee Pinkerton

BOOM! The police officer pulls the trigger.


             Police officers are very important to in our society. They have to go though years of training and have to have the most self defense possible. In this Tackk you will learn about police officers training, how they defend themselves and what they do and how they do it. Police do their best to protect and serve everyone in their community.

What do police do?

              Police officers do many things but most importantly they protect you. For example they put bad people in jail and they teach the prisoners to do good instead of bad. They also enforce the law and those who don't follow the law go to jail. Those are just two of the many things police officers do to protect you and everyone around you .

How do they do it?

              Police officers arrest people who put others in danger along with themselves. There are prison police also known as prison guards they make sure no one escapes from jail. There are also certain police that teach the prisoners to do good. That is what police officers do.


                Police officer's have to have as much defense as they can it is a very dangerous job they use guns for self defense if they are in danger. Police officers use handcuffs to arrest people who are doing bad things. Police officers have to have defense to protect themselves from danger in the community.


               Police officers have to train very hard  to get into the academy to then become a police officer. If you ever would like to become a police officer you would have to put many years of hard work and studying to just get into the academy then you have to physically train hard in the academy to become a police officer. My dad has been studying for months to become a the leader of his squad.


           I hope you learned how police officers train, defend themselves, what they do and how they do it . Just remember you can always depend on a police officer to help.


Prison~a building for the confinement of persons held while awaiting trial, persons sentenced after conviction, etc.

Training~the education, instruction, or discipline of a person  that is being trained

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