4th Period:  Marquise C, Angelica D, Nadiyah F, Tavarion T.

Theme: Life In Chicago

The beauty of Chicago gets overshadow by the violence and negative that goes on. Many people know about the great sites and viewing places in Chicago but because of the violence that goes on, people rarely even care. Most people don't know all the thing black teens go through,its hard to live in Chicago. Every weekend a young black teens dies. People die so much in Chicago that it becomes a norm. Our city is dying and crying out for help but no one hear us.

This is a picture of a view of downtown Chicago. I was on the green-line on Ashland. I was coming from night school.  



This is a picture of the united center on the West side of Chicago. they had all the lights lit up on a Sunday night when nothing was going on. The united center just got remodel so the lights are a new edition.

This is a picture of abandoned building on Chicago west side on Madison and Karlov in the back round the ice-house caught on fire and if you look closely you can see the helicopters but its alot of abandoned lots in Chicago west side

Theme: Police Harassment

Police harassment happens often in my city, Chicago. Police Harassment is the reason police and civilians have issues with each other, and sometimes shootouts because Chicago residents Hate the police. Growing up i had lots of altercations with the police, and they always did things the wrong way.

Police harassment

On my way home on Sacramento at 7:19pm on Chicago’s west side. A cop pulls over a teenager for just having fun riding his mini motorcycle. In my neighborhood teenagers gets targeted by the police a lot. Sometimes teenagers cause the police to pick with them but this time this boy didn’t

Police harassment

There were loud sirens , police cars flying down the street. They pulled up and told the boy to pull  over for no reason. They searched his car and put him in back of the police car. They  searched his ca , r the police found nothing and proceeded with their day .

Theme B For English

In Chicago you can pulled over for anything , especially if you are black. The police messes with the ones they see standing around most of the time. When the police pull people over the normally over do they part. The police in my city think they are in control of everybody life . when i say this i mean they think they can just do anything to some one and get away with it . Sometimes they be on dirt with people for no reason. One thing about Chicago the police are going to get o dummy when they don't have nun else to do.


The police pulled over a car on Homan and Maypole. When I first saw this, I thought to myself , "the police were harassing the man, but if you look closely I notice the tire is off of the car."

Theme: School

Al Raby school starts at 8:00 a.m. Our classes is 53 minutes long besides on Wednesdays. We have 8 periods a day including lunch. The Sophomores and Freshman have their own lunch period , seniors and juniors share the same lunch period. If your late to any class that becomes a lunch detention with the acceptation of 1st period. School gets out at 3:23 Monday , Tuesdays , Thursday & Friday. Wednesdays school gets out at 2:34. During lunch time teachers allow you to come to their class to play catch up if your missing something. Al Raby is actually a well organized school.    

Al Raby School -

i Was standing in front of my school . It was first period we had gym outside of the school

Students at work

The front of Al Raby High school, on 3545 w. Fulton. Doors open students getting ready to enter after an outside project as the teacher watches. We had a nice time, you can see some students with big smiles on their faces and ones that just don’t do nothing.

Switching Classes

Class just ended. Kids are transitioning to their next class. We are on the 2nd floor of Al Raby High School. In the hallways usually be lots of conversations going on. Kids playing around , some kids running to get to class.

This is a picture of Alraby high school AP calculus 3rd period class. where the teacher is Mrs.Unader and she was teaching about the unit circle and sine is related

School Card Game

Inside of Al Raby high school four students’ playing cards on their free time. They’re having fun but instead of using the free time for school work they choose to waist it with a card game. If you ask me i think the card game should have held out and they should be focusing on some school work.

Chicago high school sports

High school sports are a big deal in Chicago. From football to basketball. from baseball to wrestling some of the best athletes in the world are from Chicago. Big names such as basketball star derrick rose, Anthony Davis, Jabari Parker and Dwayne Wade football players Antwone Randle El , Robert Hughes and Donovan Mcnabb also from Chicago. wrestlers like cm punk and baseball players like Joe Benson.  Chicago sports are very important. In the pictures below you will see some up and coming Chicago athletes


The Al Raby football team was called down at 2:00 p.m. Instead of being in class the whole day, they are getting dressed for a scheduled 4:15 p.m battle with King high school on 103rd Cottage Grove. You can see headphones in player’s ears to keep focus on the task at hand.

Hanson Stadium

We are at the Hanson football stadium at Al Raby football game. There are people taking care of the water stand & people on the field ready to play .

Theme For English B:

Growing up in Chicago i get immune to dealing with the police. as i grew up i seen police shoot, and just mess with people for no reason. In my neighborhood the police just walk around looking for someone to mess with. my city of Chicago is a beautiful city and it attracts lots of people that tour our city, but with all the violence the beauty is over looked . this affects me as an teenager because its hard to just go outside to have fun with out being messed with by the police and or when i leave the city i would get labeled as Bad, Ignorant, or just a trouble child. But my plan is to over look all of the negativity and make it and become something.                             -Marquise Cook

Theme For English B:

Growing up in Chicago is hard. you get immune to cops treating you bad, you get immune to death. In Chicago you cant even walk certain places. In Chicago you cant even drive while being black because the police is going to pull you over for no reason. In Chicago you cant even have a get together without the police shutting it down. In Chicago you go to a funeral every other weekend. Living in chicago while being black is hard and no one helps make it better

Theme For English B :

Growing up in Chicago as a inner city teen, you experience a lot at a young age. You see police harassment, drug dealing, gambling and you hear gun shots almost everyday. I was introduced to gangs at a very young age. I saw and heard guns all the time. I got so use to it that I don't even jump when I hear gunshots anymore.