The Capital is Mexico City, the major language's is Spanish, it is located in the northern part of Latin America.The population is 119,713,203, the average age for females in Mexico is 27 years and for males is 25 years.The life expectancy is 77 years and 14 days.


The top 3 major cities are Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey

The 3 Major bodies of water are Lake Chapala, Rio Grande, and the Gulf of Mexico

The average temperature is 83degrees Fahrenheit and it gets 12 inches of rain.


Major sport is obviously soccer almost every Mexican loves to play soccer and love to watch it and more when there country is playing.

The  Food in Mexico is almost endless there are many kind of food in Mexico and very good but the most popular food in Mexico are the Tacos, but there is better food than that.

like the desert...

The folk music in Mexico goes with a traditional dance that is very popular in Mexico.

Interesting Facts

The mode of transportation in Mexico is by bus.

The native animal is really impressive I thought it was another thing but actually it is the grasshopper.

The travel tips in Mexico are that you always have to use a travel agency, guide, and people recommendation.

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