Rube Goldberg Project

1) I decided to choose the Rube Goldberg Machine Project.

2) The reason why I chose to do this project is because it seemed like a fun and new challenge for me and my partners to do. When we did it the first time, I was really interested in it. It caught my eye and is also a challenge for me to try.

3) I would like to learn many things from this project like planning, drawing out the stages, compromising with my partners in order to decide what the stages will look like overall, and being able to show everyone what we were able to accomplish.

4) This project might lead me to what I may want to do as my career but I have not fully decided what I will want to do in the future.

Rube Goldberg in Progress

Tools Needed for Project:

  • duct tape
  • string
  • cups
  • marbles, balls, etc.
  • tubes
  • scissors
  • tracks
  • polly
  • ruler/meter stick
  • other supplies that we find around the house or classroom at school
  • some sort of weight
  • pieces of wood

Rube Goldberg in Progress 2

Today I went on YouTube and watched some examples of Rube Goldberg machines.  It made me come up with new ideas for different stages.  My partners and I have decided who will be bringing in which tools and materials.  We are still in the process of drawing the overall look, but we have thought of some creative ideas for some of the stages.  I am still watching examples of Rube Goldberg machines to spark more ideas

Rube Goldberg in Progress 3

Today in class, we will be in the process of laying out our stages.  We have finished the first stage and are planning ideas for the next few courses.  My partners and I still have to bring in a few items and tools for tomorrow and will finish this in the next few days this week.  

Rube Goldberg in Progress 4

Today we revived our first two stages and added on a third.  We are still trying to fix a few malfunctions but will get it all figured out in the next day or two.  My partners and I have made a lot of progress today since we finally have all of our materials and tools needed for the project.  I am very excited to see the final outcome of this fun, challenging, and inventive machine.

What I'm Finding Out While Doing My Project

Today we finished our entire course, but we still need to fix the poly.  I found out that not all of our sketches turned out to work exactly how we thought they would.  We had to adjust the first two stages in order for the course to work completely.  It was a challenge but because of our brilliant minds we were able to come up with a different idea that still allowed us to make the second and third stage work.

Rube Goldberg in Progress 5
with Special Terms

Today, my partners and I have been trying to find a way to make our course full-proof. We have learned new words and terms like speed, velocity, height, weight, and how different tools and materials can do only certain things at a time. My teacher, Mr. Turnent, has come up with an idea that let's the truck slide down on the poly easier.  We have not tested it yet, but here are some photos before we got the poly to work completely.  

New Questions and Information!

1) What materials can I use to make certain objects work better?

2) What tools do I need to make certain stages complete?

3) How fast do I need the ball to go in order to get it into the cup?

4) How much force is needed in order for the truck to knock over the board to trigger the ball to move?

We were almost able to get all stages complete, but the ball bounced out of the cup at the end.  Right now we are trying to fix that issue.  Here is our video of when it happened.

Technical Parts of Our Project

We have been trying to fix the little malfunctions in our stages.  We have finally fixed the poly but need to make sure that it works every time.  We are also trying to figure out a way for the all to get into the cup easier and making sure that the cup falls down with the cup inside of it and making sure that the ball will not bounce out of the cup when it falls. Here is a photo of the poly working in motion.

Technical Parts of Our Project 2

Today in class, my partners and I were working on new ways to get the bucket to fall down easier.  We were also thinking about adding on more stages to the project and hope to in the future.  I've been trying to upload videos of the entire outlook so far but I am dealing with a few malfunctions.  My partners and I almost got all of the stages to work completely, but when the ball hit the cup at the end, the cup didn't fall down because the ball did not have enough momentum.  In the next few days, we will be fixing that issue and hopefully adding on more stages!

Rube Goldberg in Progress 6

Today was a super duper exciting day in class.  Now, I wouldn't want to bore you with vocabulary or any of those things, but we finally got the Rube Goldberg machine to work!  It only happened once, but we were finally successful on our 31st try/attempt!  My partners, Ally and Lexi, and I were so happy and burst out with excitement.  The next time we tried it we had an issue with the truck on the poly, but we have come up with a few ideas that might solve the problem.  I will apply some scotch tape to a part of the poly tomorrow which will hopefully stop the string from coming out of the poly area where the string is supposed to slide through.  So if that works, I will let you guys know! I hope that I didn't bore you all TOO much today and make sure to stay updated for more info!  Please be free to like and comment on this!

Rube Goldberg in Progress 7

Hey guys! I found out that I am not able to upload videos on here:(. So I talked to my teacher about it and I am now uploading our videos on my YouTube channel!! You can see them at littlebird0209.  I will upload different videos each day/week and will try and upload different videos too! It's called IMG 3186. Please watch and subscribe!

Today we made the project work again! I am so proud of my group for accomplishing this challenge! We are still thinking about adding on more stages, but we'll have to think about that before we decide on it.

Rube Goldberg in Progress 8

Today, we were trying to make the new stages fit in with the old stages.  They fit in but we need them to actually work.  The edges on the ramp kept on messing up the ball and making it bounce and stop.  We will fix that issue tomorrow along with the new stages that we added on today.  

I do not have any pictures to upload on here today but will let you know if I change my mind.  I will also let you know if I decide to upload any videos on my youtube channel.  Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you enjoyed today's entry.

What's Next

Today wasn't our most progressive day, but we did figure out a way to keep the ball on track without it hitting the boarders or falling off track.  We are also having some troubles with the zipline and the new stages.  My partners and I added on tape to help the yarn to stay in the "socket" of the wheel so it won't fall out.  As for the new stages, they work, but we are trying to make the bucket knock over the wood and weight every time so it will be full proof.  It is taking some time to fix up these malfunctions but we will get this project done and it will be full proof!

I'm Not Done!
What I'm Going to do to Improve My Project

Hello everybody! Today I'm going to talk to you about what I can/will do in order to improve my project.  The thing is, there are a few things that I would like to do to improve it.  First, I would like to find a way to make the zip line work without the string falling out of the "socket" when it slides.  We could add tape, or change the zip line.   Also, for the new stages we are adding in, we need to make sure that the bucket will fall and knock over the wood and weight every single time.  When we present the machine, I want everything to work out perfectly and to make sure that there will be no malfunctions.  Tomorrow in class, my partners and I will have to work extra hard in order to fix the malfunctions, test run it a few times, and make sure that we also do our entry.  It will be a quick and hard-working day for all of us tomorrow.  All of us will be ready and prepared with the right tools and material that we need for the machine.

Rube Goldberg in Progress 9

Today wasn't our best day because we keep on having malfunctions with the zip line.  On Monday we will be fixing this issue because once we fix this, the rest of the stages should work efficiently.  We have made sure that the new stages will work along with the other stages but in order to test that, we need the zip line to work.  Hopefully we will have enough time to work on this and will get the entire project to work successfully.

Rube Goldberg in Progress 10

Today we finally got the course to work except for the ball rolling.  It keeps on bumping into the edges that keep the ball from rolling off.  I'm not too worried about that though because tomorrow I am almost positive that we will be able to fix that issue tomorrow. Tomorrow I will try to upload a photo but I'm not sure if I'll have time!

 Rube Goldberg:
Did it Work?

Yes! Our Rube Goldberg machine finally worked!!!!  We were having issues with the ball again but we adjusted the ramp and it finally got enough speed to knock over the bucket which then knocked down the Jenga blocks! My partners and I were SO happy and excited that it worked and it is full proof!  Sorry to say but I cannot upload a photo today! Thanks for keeping updated though and I'll talk to you all tomorrow( the last day ).

Rube Goldberg Final Entry

The Rube Goldberg machine that I have been telling you all about these past 2-3 weeks has been a blast.  I had so much fun getting to do this with my partners and being able to express my thoughts and ideas to where they were actually very useful.  Also, I am so happy that my partners and I were actually able to make the entire machine/project to work entirely and efficiently.  Our course was very complicated and creative and it made all of us use our brains together to create something that turned out to be very useful, fun , and creative, all at the same time.  

I do not think that the Rube Goldberg project will take me into what I am planning to do in the future but it did make me realize something.  It made me realize how hard people have to think and work in order to get just one simple thing done.  I can't imagine how long and how much work people put into their jobs and work in order to make themselves and other people happy, too.  It inspires me to work harder until I know that what my goal was is finally done, full-proof, and it will make me and other people happy at the same time.  

I am sorry that this is the last and final entry but I want to thank all of you for just taking the time to look at what I have been doing in the last few weeks.  My partners and I have worked really really hard in order to get this project to work and now that we have finished, we are relieved and very excited to know that we have finally completed our goal.  Again, thank you all very much!!!

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Great blog! Can't wait to hear how it turns out after all the hard work and group effort!

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I would can't wait, I mean I am losing sleep over how awesome your zip line is on the Rube Goldberg machine.

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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the nice comments and feedback.😊😎