The civil war began when the northern states debated on the issues of Slavery,States rights and another factor that sparked the beginning of the civil war. As heavy debating over the main issue of Slavery the north wanted it gone because they thought it served no use since the north didn't depend of slavery for there economy but the south needed slavery so there economy wouldn't crumble because they needed slavery for agriculture so the south decided they had enough and were afraid of abolishment so they seceded.

As the south seceded they formed the confederate sates (also known to the north as the rebels) the north decided to calls themselves the union. The south decided to take arms against the north and fight for slavery for there whole economy depended on it.

The PROS of the south side were: Most battles were fought on home land so they knew the terrain better, Had better leaders and well-trained soldiers from the Mexican American war, all they south had to do was defend and they would have won the war , and they were more motivated to win the war for there whole economy depended on slavery. The CONS of the south were: They used old weapons, less industry , population was low, trade to England was cut off, and they were less organized or united.

The PROS of the North were: Had a bigger population, more industry,more advanced weaponry, had a navy to block southern trade with foreign countries,were more united during the war then the south so they communicated better. The CONS of the north were:  Most battles were fought away from home so most troops got home sick, They had inexperienced troops and bad leaders, were less motivated.

The WAR/Battles and aftermath

1.battle of fort sumter

2.Battle philippi

3.Big Bethel

4.First battle of Bull run

5. Battle of Santa Rosa island

6.Battle of port royal

7.Battle of Belmont

8. Battle Hampton roads

9.Battle of the Winshter

10.The seven days Battle

11.Second battle of bull run

12.Battle of Ox Hill

13. Battle of South Mountain


But the most known battle was The battle of Gettysburg and the Bloodiest.

But the last and final battle was the battle of Appomattox.

The after math of the war was the south losing and the slaves being freed but soon have to face being discriminated against.

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