About Me!

Kristen Logan

My name is Kristen Logan.  I grew up in Cotuit, MA (on Cape Cod).  Below are my sister, mom, dad, and me at a Cape Cod Baseball League game.

I live in Alexandria, VA!  My cat's name is Harvey.

My school plans to introduce a 1-to-1 Google ChromeBook program this year for grades 6-8.  We also have iPads, Apple TVs, and other tech tools.  In July, I ran a week-long iPad movie-making camp as part of our school's summer camp.  Below is one of the student-created videos.

I currently teach 7th and 8th grade history at Browne Academy in Alexandria, VA.  Browne is a Pre-K to 8th grade independent school serving 250 students.  My classroom is ready for Tuesday!

Last year, my students used iPads to create "Stone Age Documentaries," timelines representing overlapping civilizations, and other projects.  

My primary goal for this course is to develop strategies to better integrate our existing technology, especially the ChromeBooks, into my history classes so that I can maximize student learning.  My other goal is to amass the knowledge and tools required to become a technology leader at my school.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, playing sports, and watching movies and TV series (House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Homeland, Friends & HIMYM re-runs).  Below are some photos from my travels (L-R: San Francisco, Germany, Czech Republic, Colombia, Switzerland, Bosnia).

I received my B.A. in Government from Harvard, and I am currently pursuing an Interdisciplinary Masters in Educational Studies from Hopkins with a focus on the Leadership in Technology Integration certificate.  I am excited to virtually meet all of you!!

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