Statement Necklaces – Different Types And How To Wear Them

The world of fashion is always coming up with something new and exciting for its followers. And at times, it comes back with an old trend that has already created ripples in the industry a few years back. These old trends often make reappearance on the fashion scene and quickly fizzle out without much interest from the people. But there are some trends that come back and rewrite history once again, creating an even bigger buzz than last time. A similar phenomenon has occurred when the trend of wearing statement necklaces was reintroduced in the fashion world.

Ever since they have made a comeback, fashionistas all around the world have been adopting statement necklaces into their wardrobe in one form or the other. There are in fact, many types of these necklaces available in the market and each one has a specific style to add to your attire. Let us take a closer look at them all and try to understand how to wear and carry each one.


Don’t go by the name here..! These statement necklaces are anything but baby-ish. Bibs are highly sophisticated neck accessories, eccentric and smart enough that they are always the center of attention on your outfit. Wear them with an outfit that leans on the neutral side. Plain and simple tops work best. Also, try and buy plain, solid bibs for yourself. Prints, however elegant, can unnecessarily glamorize an already glamorous outfit, making you look cheap and gaudy.


These statement necklaces are quite similar to bibs, other than their obvious shape of course. These accessories can add an extremely contemporary look to your outfit, with their clean lines and abstract shapes. Combine these necklaces with simple, plain clothing to create an air of muted glamour around you. To increase the modern and trendy factor, wear them with black or white. Just remember to keep things simple as much as you can.


These are the most glamorous statement necklaces of the lot. In fact, most celebrities like to use gemstone studded necklaces to add another dimension of shine and stardom to their look. These are basically necklaces that are encrusted with gems, pears and are very expensive (or at least look expensive). They should be combined with matching colors and hues in the looks department. If you are however, thinking of wearing one with contrasting color clothes, try to ensure that your neckline gets the most attention. The rest of your jewelry should be kept very simple. This accessory is perfect for formal occasions like weddings and celebrations. The necklace is already extremely sensational and as such, any more glitz is not required on your persona.

Statement necklaces have finally ceased to be a thing of the past. You too should think about buying one of them for your wardrobe, just to add that extra bit of glamour to your outfit. The accessory itself is enough to make you look like a show stopper.

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