Comunidades 5

Victor Howell

Activity Description:

For my fifth Comunidades, I decided to watch a movie called "Sugar" that was about a baseball player from the Dominican Republic. The main character, "Sugar" Santos, was a pitcher that grew up with no possessions other than a loving family and community, and a great talent for baseball. He went to a baseball boarding school that was owned by the Kansas City Knights, where he would soon be drafted and play professional baseball. Sugar got the chance of a lifetime, one that he had been working so hard for throughout his entire life. He faced challenges with the language barrier with his Idaho sponsoring parents that gave him a place to play while he was playing in the minor leagues. He became very frustrated with himself and lost confidence in his ability very quickly, resulting in his bolting from the team just weeks before its end.

What I Learned:

Throughout this movie I was captured by this young man's work ethic. I loved the way that he had worked his entire life to get to his dream of playing in the U.S.. I also saw that after he moved to New York, he and the other Hispanics had the work ethic to survive and he just found a way to get by and enjoyed himself.


I liked this movie a lot because it dealt with my favorite sport, baseball and I love to watch and listen to cool stories about players and their journey to the big leagues. In the Future, I look forward to following the Latin players a lot closer now that I have a little bit of a taste of where they come from and what they had to do in order to get to their dreams.

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