Where To Find Cheap Furniture Rental In Singapore

If there is another thing where Singapore is known for, it is their classy and modern architecture, residency, and infrastructures. This is why many have also made it an option to have their small scale to big events in the Lion City. Aside for the high- class indoor places you can choose from, the place is also notable for its many astonishing sceneries best for photo shoots.

Despite this, a great surrounding and even a great subject or objective won’t be complete without the equally grand and capturing backdrop. This is why many event organizers and even interior designers require to rent furniture if necessary, in order to achieve the utmost goal. Not just for the façade but for its usability as well of course. Now if you are looking for rental furniture Singapore for your next event or place, check out this list below.


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For the best set-up for any occasion, CLP Production is the biggest furniture rental in town to contact. Even being an event management, Chuan Lam Production specializes on furnishing services catering a vast option for tables, seats, wicker, and accessories, up to Leds and carpet catalogue. The best part is, you have the liberty for custom furnishing if in case what you’re aiming for isn’t in their list. To spoil the customers even more, CLP Production also service rental of pipes and drapes to cover your arena. They offered rental services for an event in Capella Sentosa, Grand Prix, and even Zouk Out.


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One of the most established in the field, Home Essentials already has operations in twenty- one countries from Europe, India, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. You can turn your simple looking home to a lavishing hotel like place with their 20% off price on anything comparable. They also feature ‘Bargains of the Week’ in their site where they stashed up to 30% off on retail price.


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Established since 1994, Henry Furnishing also offers short term rentals for customers on short business trip or leisure where they have a minimum of one month rental duration. They offer rentals for both new and refurbished furniture and also offer services for individuals to enterprise prospect customers. Unlike others though, Henry Furnishing only service for home living and residential rental.