Taylor Swift

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Paige A.

Taylor Swift born on December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.  

Significant Event in History that Affected Taylor's Life

  • Receiving the Big Help Award by Michelle Obama the first lady in 2012 because of her dedication to help others.
  • When Taylor was younger her family moved a couple of times and each time Taylor had a difficult for her to make friends.  
  • Taylor Swift has been in three car accidents making her terrified of driving.

Taylor Swifts childhood

Taylor at the age of  5 started crafting songs and by 16 she released her first album.  Before Taylor became famous and made millions of dollars by singing, she made her money by picking bugs of a Christmas tree farm. Since Taylor's grandma was a singer she became very very interested and learned guitar and started writing her own songs at the age of 12.   

People who influenced Taylor's life

  • Scott Swift- (Taylor's father) he owned 3% of her record label.
  • Andrea Finley- (Taylor's mother) she always told Taylor to follow her dreams.
  • Austin Swift-( Taylor's brother)
  • Majorie Finlay- (Taylor's grandmother) Taylor's grandma was a accomplished Opera singer an was one of Taylor's  first inspirations.
Taylor with Scott (father), Andrea (mother), Austin (brother)

Five Unique facts

  • The Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, and Shania twain influenced Taylor to have a career in singing.
  • Taylor Swift is a famous poet too and if plans as a singer didn't work out she was going to write novels.
  • At the age of 12, Taylor began writing her songs at 13 she signed with a label but they backed out saying they didn't want to spend the time in her.
  • When Taylor was younger she had very hard troubles making friends in middle school.

Taylor's Accomplishments

  • In 2014 Taylor swift was the first recipient of the Dick Clark Award of excellence.
  • First female artist to beat her own song on the top charts beating shake it off with blank space for number one and two.
  • Only artist in history to have three albums sell one million copies I'm there first week.
  • She has won seven Grammys, seven academy of country music awards, eleven country music association awards, and twelve Billboard music awards.
  • Taylor also won fifthteen American music awards.

The theme of Taylor's life is..

A cheerful attitude can over come obstacles.

Taylor's words of advice

  • "Never compare your self to the beautiful girls.  There's always someone gorgeous who will make you  feel like you're not(11)."
  • "The only way  to conquer stage fright  is to get up on stage and play (34)."
  • "I rebelled when people told me to change my song lyrics because I wanted to stay true to my vision(123)."

Taylor Swift has taught me to never give up and chase my dreams.  I learned this because Taylor had a rough beginning and for sometime she had no friends during school because she liked country music but she still stayed to her vision.  

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