A Christian in High School in America

By: Hannah Duell

Introduction of the topic:

What does it mean to be a christian in high school in America?
From experience, it's hard staying on the path to heaven and not being of the world. The world is full of temptation, selfishness, pride, dishonesty/lies, anger, etc. Being a Christian has changed my life and others lives significantly. Growing up i never understood God, why Jesus died on the cross, or the bible. Now as I've gotten older and seen a glimpse of what the world is and can be like, i understand these things now personally. I grew up in a Christian home. In 2008, my parents got divorced and my dad grew away from the church and being a disciple. Even now it's hard remaining a christian but I have made a decision that I wanted for me. For the past two months I have made the decision to read the bible and study God's word. It's really inspiring to see and understand who God was and what he did for us. He gave us a choice; either to take the narrow path to heaven or the wide path to hell. I want to spread the stories of Jesus and his plan for all of us but people in and out of school want it their way. Trust me, it won't work out your way.

Christianity in Public Schools

True story of a Teenage Christian

How does Society see it?

Society believes that Christians are hypocrites. First, what is a hypocrite? Most simply, it’s a person who says one thing but does another. Merriam-Webster defines a hypocrite as “a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion” or “acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs." The meaning or purpose for Jesus and his teachings is to spread his word and help each of us humans to get to heaven to spend eternal life with him after our flesh dies but our souls don't (unless we don't believe or worship him) and Jesus came to fix this broken world and he uses us to help him fix it by preaching his Word. For example, The Parable of the Sower; its a chapter in Matthew about how the seeds represent God's word and the seeds are put in specific and different places (along a path, rocky places, among thorns, and good soil). The seeds only grew roots in good soil (the soil represents the people who hear the Word) because the people took in the word and spread it to others. Christians may be hypocrites at times but nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes and Jesus forgives us for our mistakes because HE is perfect. Yes, Jesus has been through the same things we have but he has never sinned because he loved God enough to follow God's commands and God's desires, not Jesus's own. We as humans are all still learning. If the story of Christianity is true, there will be not more hypocrisy nor brokenness.

Does it Matter Where You Are?

As a christian in high school, it doesn't matter where you are but it does matter who you are surrounded by or with. Every summer, I go to church camp but this camp is so important and life-changing to me and for me. This camp is the Swamp. The cultures that are shared here and our culture that is being spread from the Swamp are so inspiring and impacting to others especially around the world on mission trips. The swamp has reached out to several countries like Brazil, India, Barbados, South Africa, etc. The Swamp takes all these different cultures and mixes all of them into one. Here's a video to give more on this geographical lens: Go to "3:09"..


James 1:12 says, "Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him." The bible has so many incredible and inspiring stories. From reading these stories, my life has changed and I have improved as a person. Like Jake, and his story, I was always angry, depressed, hard-hearted, stubborn, etc. and never knew what to do or who to look for help. I've been going to church since i was born. Throughout the years, I've noticed these little things, good things, that happened often. I didn't know it before but now I knew it was God. One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11. Its says, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." I always look and think back on this scripture because God does have a plan for all of our lives because he loves us so much, he wants the absolute best for us, and he knows us better than anyone else. Out of all the things in the world and the universe, he knows exactly who you are. Think about it. You are just a person and little speck of dust compared to all the stars, the planets, the galaxies; and he knows who you are. God sent his son Jesus down to Earth to get to know us and tell about God and what God is capable of. God is capable of miracles. Some famous miracles were the feeding of the 5000 with five loaves and two fish (Matthew 14:13-21), healing the blind men (Matthew 9:27-31), walking on water (Mark 6:45-52), and Lazareth being raised from the dead (John 11:38-44). Jesus died for you. He forgave you and he loved and still loves you enough to die on a cross for you while being mocked and beaten. Would you do the same for someone and people you barely knew? He did. America was God based... What happened? People stopped believing.


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