By Weston mathews

1.Built their cities around ceremonial structures

  1. The Mayan Religion included many gods.
  2. The primary gods were forces or objects in nature that affected people’s daily lives like the rain god or the corn god
  3. The Maya believed the blood gave the Gods strength so they made blood offerings and offerings of such plants, food, flowers and feathers. This was a way of honoring their gods
  4. there's a paradise afterlife reserved human sacrifice and there's the underworld
  5. The position of king was usually inherited by the oldest son.
  6. Commoners had to pay taxes to support the king and the nobles. Guys had to serve as warriors when the king needed them.
  7. There were around 100’s of Mayan cities
  8. The Maya city states were often at war with each other yet they all dressed the same and the setup was the same
  9. the class structures went ruler, nobles and priests, merchants and artisans, peasants and slaves

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