Letter Home

Dear family from Neptune,                                                                      11/11/2056

I landed on planet earth (finally). It took 12 years to get from home to here, and I believe I am in a place called, Austrlia. My space ship landed in Halls Crook. Then i was taken to a kangaroo farm in Broken Hill by a thing called a car. Kangaroos are fury and jump every where. If you were here you would see as many kangaroos as we see bonkgoops. It is so hot and dry here compared to home and there is this weird substance that is coming from my armpits. I have tried many foods even these things called curly cheese frys. I will bring some home with me in five years, see you than!

                                                                                                         Your daughter, Blajmeek

P.S Please take care of my kakadog, Ms.Lasha

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