Uncle Tom's Cabin
By Allen Cooper
American History 1
4th Period

Hero's of the Story

1. Uncle Tom - was a slave that held religious faith, while being a honest man that was in a bad situation

2. Emily Shelby - is a christian woman who is married to Mr. Shelby and tries to influence his decisions about Tom and other slaves

3. The Quaker - a christian society that help George and Eliza along with other slaves


1. Mr. Haley - is a slave trade that mistreats the slaves he buys and owns often with violence

2. Simon Legree - was Tom's evil master in Louisiana. Created hatred among his slaves

3. Marie - was St. Clair's wife and was a whiney, self-center woman that did not care about the life of others

People with Redeemable Qualities

1. Tom Loker - was a slave hunter hired by Mr. Haley but changed his lifestyle after be taken in by the Quakers

2. Arthur Shelby - was Tom's original master and was forced to sell Tom to pay debt but later tried to get him back to a better life

3. Augustine St. Clare - was Tom's master in New Orleans but saw the evil in slavery but was force to practice it to pay his bill's

Horror's of Slavery

1. Work all day every day in any condition

2. Beaten and whipped

3. Bad living conditions

4. No hope of freedom

5. Female slaves were sometimes raped

6. Inadequate clothing

7. Nobody to help them if injured or hurt

8. Were treated as if they were worthless

Is the book relevant today?

No this book is not relevant today. I think this because slavery was not one of the best phases this country went through and we need to put it behind us and move forward from. The book is still painful to think about and read. I feel that people do not need to keep being reminded of slavery. I feel like that to some people it gives off the idea that if one race was superior then, then what is the difference today. I also feel that because of that idea it leads to problem of what society has deemed the "race card" because people feel they are dominant over another race. If we could leave these issues in the past and stop being reminded that one race control another that we could move on as a country and live in a more equal community as a nation.


I think that Abraham Lincoln credit this book with starting the civil war because it gave the north a new few of the south. This book gave the north a new insight into just how bad some southern could treat slaves that work on there plantations. While northerners knew that conditions for slaves were not exactly "up to par". I believe though that the civil war would have eventually occur regardless of the publication of this book. This book just kind up helped stir everybody up and help speed up what was going to eventually end in a war. I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. I believe this because a war is normally started by the actions of a sword but is normally ended with somebody signing a treaty with a pen.

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