The first rule for commas is .....

When separating phrases that don't need to be there

Example : My friend , Kate , likes music.

Second rule of commas is ....

When linking two independent clauses with a conjunction

Example : I love cheer , I also love gymnastics

The third rule of commas is....

When you are addressing someone in particular

Example : let's eat grandma!  Or let's eat , grandma !

The fourth rule of commas is ....

When making a list.

Example : we need to buy milk, eggs, and butter .

next rule is ....

When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun .

Example :  The amazing ,and talented Kate .

Lastly .....

After introductory phrases .

Example: After I'm done running , I'll be tired .

Some other ones are ...


Example : December 31, 2014


Examples: Have a great day love ,myrah

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