The Summoner

By Misty Jackson and Ruby Perry

Direct Characterization

“He was a noble rascal” (Line 649)

Meaning that he would stay true to what his job was.

"Who had a fiery-red, cherubic face," (Line 623)

How the summoner looks

“Then he would talk and shout like a madman would” (Line 636)

When he got drunk he would start acting like a mad man.

Indirect Characterization

"Why, he would suffer, for a quart of wine, some good fellow to have his concubine A twelve-month, and excuse him to the full" (Lines 650-652)

Alcohol was so important to him he would give his girlfriend to another man for an entire year in exchange for a quart of wine. This shows how the most important thing to the summoner is alcohol.

"No borax, ceruse, tartar, could discharge" (Line 630)

This refers to the pimples on the summoners face showing how the summoner is not a very clean person with good hygiene.

"Some phrases had he learned, say two or three;" (Line 640)

While drunk he believes that saying the two to three words he know in Latin will make him sound smarter.

Adjectives that describe The Summoner

  1. Alcoholic
  2. Rambunctious
  3. Creepy

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