Careers & Technology

In this unit, you will be able to explore different career fields and engage in activities to get you thinking about your future!

Directions: Please press the button below to start your career journey and explore the multiple intelligences!

STOP: After you've completed the inventory below, please take a screen shot of your results and put it in your notability in a note called "Careers"

Reflect on your inventory results!  Please post in your classes Answer Garden Your top "3" smarts! List each "smart" separately in different posts!  

Faccio    Hawker     Kentop     Shipley     Zavernik

Career search?

We're all "good" at something.  Different jobs require different skills, and many of those skills can be identified as your strengths!  Please take some time to explore the following website.  Watch the quick video clip before exploring! (CLICK HERE)  


Click the following link to access  Here your teacher will walk you through how you can use this resource to investigate a variety of careers!  (EDPUZZLE)

You will enter your teacher's class code to get your account

Time To Explore!

Now it's time for you to explore! Please use the tiles below to explore different career opportunities that you may be interested in.  Make sure that you take notes on the different careers that interest you, and submit the following google form on 3 of your favorite career options. *Look at the form before continuing so that you know what you need to pay attention to!