By:Shaaisia Warren

Multimedia refers to multiple forms of media, which includes, still and moving images, text, and sound. Multimedia can be used to teach, inform, train, entertain, and report.  It also provides us with tools to work better, faster, and with less effort.

Components of Multimedia

The components of a multimedia are text, images, sound, video, and interactivity.

Stages of Production in Multimedia

There are six steps in creating a multimedia. The first step is to analyze which means research the application's goal, requirements, and audience. Secondly, you decided on how you will spend time designing, making a schedule to create it, and what tools you will use. The next step is development. Developing the multimedia consists of creating and testing the application. The fourth step is implementation. Implementation simply means putting a finished application into operation and making it available to the audience. Now it's time for some evaluation. Does your multimedia presentation meet the specified goals? Is it effective? Lastly, make sure the application is up to date and correct any problems that you may have. This is called maintenance.

Types of Multimedia

There are several ways to conduct a multimedia, so don't just choose one!

1. Presentations



4. Games

5. Web Pages

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