Unit 3 Culminating:
WW2 , The Canadian War

The Rise of Hitler

The rise of Hitler. Hitler became the dictator of Germany by promising them power. He promised them revenge for what the British and other Allies had done to them. He ripped up the Treaty of Versailles and started growing an army. Hitler also took all of Germany's probems and blamed them on the Jewish people. He gained power and started his invasion of Europe.

Appeasement Please

The Canadians, Britain and everyone else eventually realized what Hitler was trying to do but couldn't stop want to stop him. They remembered the tragedies of WW1 and didn't want it to happen again so they asked Hitler for an appeasement, He agreed but obviously he was lying. Appeasement gave Hitler confidence because it showed him that the Allies were weak and could not fight his large army.

Dieppe Raid and the Battle of Atlantic

The Second Canadian division wash chosen to conduct a raid on France to retake it from Germany, this was called the Dieppe Raid. The Canadians went in with 6100 troops and unfortunately 907 were killed, 586 wounded and 1874 taken captive. The Canadians were very brave but they did not succeed in the invasion.  The Canadians played an important role in battle of Atlantic. The Battle took place in the water where Canada and other Allies were trying to ship foods to Britain so they would not starve.The Allies sailed in conveys, which were war ships, that protected the vessels escorting food and supplies. This battle lasted throughout all of WW2.

Juno Beach , D-Day

On D-Day 30 000 Canadian troops arrived at "Juno Beach". The Canadian casualties were low and it was a success. In March while the Allies attacked Germany,  the Canadians were given a separate task. To invade and conquer Netherlands. This was a hard job but it was successful although casualties were high. Germany ended up surrendering on May, 8 1945.

War at Home

Propaganda was very important in the war at home. The Canadians were told not to talk about D-Day or another activity that was going to take place because there might have been spies listening. Also women were encouraged to take male jobs, working in factories, engineering, mechanics etc. Conscription was used during WW2 forcing many men to enlist in the army. Rationing was also a big part of the war at home during WW2. Canadians at home were limited to a amount of supply of food clothing and etc. so that the soldiers could get what they need in order to win the survive and win the war.

Atomic BOMB!

On August 6th 1945 the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The Atom Bomb was one of the largest bombs ever used. It ended the WW2 and USA had many reason why they dropped it. The first reason was that they knew Japan would never surrender and it would take many American, Britain etc. soldiers lives to get them to give up. Another reason was that the US had invested so much time and money into the bomb that it would be foolish to let all that time and money go to waste. Lastly America wanted to show Russia and the rest of the world their power and what they were capable of doing.


Hitler took all the pains and problems of Germany and put them on the Jews. The Jewish people were gathered up in concentration camps, forced to work and were burned if they weren't useful. German soldiers didn't see Jews as humans instead as objects.Between 5 and 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust.

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