catawba tribe

By: Landon, Kristina, Erika
The Catawba tribe place name "Kaput", which means "fork in a river". The Catawba tribe were one of the few southeastern Indian tribes not deported to Oklahoma, and they have preserved there native pottery-making traditions among there customs. The tribe calls themselves "Ye lswa" witch means "river people." The Catawba tribe now speaks English but they used to speak a different language they are learning to speak there language again. A easy Catawba word is harrow (huh-woh) which means thank you. Today the Catawba tribe follows the laws of the USA, but they used to have a clan leader to rule the tribe. when they had the leader they had there own laws, police, government, and other services. they obey the US law because they are counted as a citizen. The Catawba tribe wears deer skin and bird feathers for clothing. They eat corn, deer, fruit and other animals.

this is what the people of the catawaba tribe look like.

this is what it would look like from above
this is a spear made by the catawba tribe

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