All Alone

Stuart Clarke

                         Sitting on ground                            snow covering me
cold winds flowing
through the air

I could smell the
dirt and hear the
sound of leaves crinkling,
i felt the cold snow
hit my face

It just starts to get bright
when i see a glimpse
of 3 doe's walking
over the ridge

I slowly move my legs
and put the gun
steady on my knee
waiting for the biggest
to line up

I pull the trigger
looking down my foggy scope
i wait while i watch it runaway
with the doe in the crosshaires

Blood pumping through
my body and shaking
like a tree branch
in the wind

I slowly get up
with no patience
I head to where
I took the shot

My dad walks over
and helps me look
no blood, bad sign,
hoping i hit her

I show him where
i seen her run
then we start walking
toward the edge

I'm relieved,
for me being alone,
for the first time,
I shot my second

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