Online Practical Training for HR Students and Young HR Professionals

We are “METIS CONSULTING”, a professional HR consultancy which provides services in the areas of Recruitment, Training, Compliance, HR outsourcing etc.

Metis is committed to HR fraternity and is dedicated towards enhancing and developing HR skills of fresh and Young HR professionals.

We believe a Professional world exists beyond the Universities which often remains unexplored by the students. Growing competition in today’s scenario is raising the bar of expectations of Organizations. Many attempts by many people have been made in this direction hoping to shorten the gap.

METIS CONSUTING presents “HR GURUKUL” with a single motive …….Education Beyond University

HR Gurukul is a self paced e-learning course that lays an effort to facilitate HR professionals in strengthening their foundation by sharpening their skills to compliment their HR expertise. It focuses on:

  • Total Practical oriented Learning
  • Practical Insights of subjects
  • Strong Foundation for Long term HR career
  • Development of all-round HR pro
  • Industry professionals as Mentors

This attempts to give you a glimpse of the world which is unexplored and makes your journey most exciting and knowledgeable.

Main focus of this program is to assist students and young HR professionals from study and early career stage to fast paced professional world and building HR career by facilitating them with in-depth understanding of HR world.

Your commitment and hunger to learn has brought you HERE, let us take this journey ahead, so all you need to do is “Register Now” and enter a world which is waiting for you.

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