The return of the tigers!

Label: Excession / Bliss Corporation
Release Date: 2014
Genre: House/Progressive House


1. Keep [Original Mix]

2. Keep [Max Komodo Remix]

Here the brand new song of TIGERS PROJECT, now with an afro percussion groove plus an hypnotic bass, marching together until the hard synth speech. "Keep" calm... and listen the Tiger's music!

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djrichnitemare - Keep (Original Mix) Cool Track)))
Marcelo Domingues - Keep (Original Mix) Boa track !
Monsta DJ - Keep (Original Mix) A def. must play!
Marco Marcelli - Keep (Original Mix) I've lost...this good track!
AlxRyde - Keep (Max Komodo Remix) Massive reverberating bassline makes it useful as a stage/atmosphere setting track
Oli Mystero - Keep (Original Mix) I love it !!!! I will play it tonight SURE !!!!
Thomas Menegazzi - Keep (Max Komodo Remix) Great release. I will definitely support this all the way!
Dj Latino Love - Keep (Original Mix) wow bien como me gusta esta canciones
Eddy Vibes - Keep (Original Mix) It's okay, I will look to play it soon.
Dee Jay Santi - Keep (Original Mix) It's ok, nice.
DJ Fresh - Keep (Max Komodo Remix) track is ok
Rock DJ - Keep (Max Komodo Remix) Nice track.
DJ DiRRty HaRRi - Keep (Original Mix) It's okay, I will look to play it soon.
Diego Picasso DJ - Keep (Original Mix) I like this and will play it out in my shows.
Jurgen Mermans - Keep (Original Mix) nice song with good feeling
Massimo Mazzoli Max Kelly DJ - Keep (Original Mix) very good train
Riccardo Rostellato DJ - Keep (Original Mix) good verry good
Dj Emilian Scutaru DJ - Keep (Original Mix) A VERY GOOD ONE . THANKS
skeltonics DJ - Keep (Original Mix) Very nice and chilled out song. Keep putting this stuff out!
Richard Lewis DJ - Keep (Original Mix) It's okay, I will look to play it soon.

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