Mrs.Vande Hei's Newsletter
March 16-20th

Well, Lucky the Leprechaun certainly had the students all in an uproar on Tuesday morning when they entered the room. The hats were shrunk down to leprechaun size and gold was left for them! The students also helped me celebrate a milestone birthday this week (and I think they enjoyed the cake!) There are so many joys to be thankful for in our lives.


We are almost finished with all of our "Heart" words. Please continue to review this on a nightly basis. They are doing an excellent job so far, but need to strengthen their knowledge some more. We have been busy working on retelling stories and recalling the story elements. We also continue to work on stretching out our words and the sounds we hear in our writing. We have been trying to write 3 sentences in our journals and are working on uppercase letters and correct punctuation. We have also been learning about always capitalizing the letter "I". While many of the students tell me this, they don't show me in their writing. This needs to become automatic for them to show proficiency.


We have had some fun with math this week working with roll and color addition, clover measuring, subtraction centers, and showing different ways to make numbers. This included with tallies, place value blocks, and ten frames. The students continue to need reminders that subtraction is when you lose something so the final answer is smaller than what you start with. Please continue to review counting to 100 with your child by 1's, 5's, and 10's.


Since Spring has sprung, we talked about the seasons and weather. We focused on our senses with Spring. We read a poem about Spring and did some Spring riddles. We also made our own Spring book.


*Wednesday is our Vegetable Soup Day. Please have your child bring his/her favorite vegetable to school to help with our soup.
*Thursday is PJ Day!!!
*Friday is Special Person's Day 9:30-10:00 am.
*Spring Break Begins on March 28th and resumes April 7th.

Have a wonderful break!!!