Building Relationships Between Coworkers

Being able to communicate with your coworkers is very important. Here are a few ways to help build those relationships.

  • Be Courteous

Smile, speak, make eye contact, and acknowledge other workers by name

  • Value the time of others

Only contact if there is an emergency, handle business operations at convenient times, don't interrupt phone calls

  • Think for Yourself

Look for information, avoid simple questions

  • Be Cautious on Social Networks

No inappropriate relationships, remain professional, keep hobbies and interests private

  • Don't Complain

Never vent within company, no signs of frustration

  • Be Unbiased

Be the same with everyone, no office politics involvement, avoid gossip

  • Be Welcoming

Greet new comers, accept change, make people feel wanted

  • Point of Areas that Need Attention

Acknowledge mistakes of everyone, encourage coworkers to talk about issues

  • Check on Others

Ask how things are going, follow up on assignments, send emails to confirm tasks involving others

  • Communicate Efficiently

Learn different forms of communication, do personal visits, engage coworkers

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