Pai Gow Poker tips

*There are some ways in which a player can reduce the house advantage in the Pai Gow Poker. Most of the time new players ruin their chances when they don't fully understand the basic concepts. Read the following tips and you'll have more success at the Pai Gow table next time. It represents banks, whenever possible. Rule number 1: represents banking whenever you have the opportunity in a Pai Gow Poker game, because you'll have more chances of winning, since banking wins when they copied it hands, implying an advantage of 1% to 2%. Take the place of banking is the is the need for a budget couple play. However, the bets of all players at the table should be covered by the banker. Therefore, many players want to occupy that position. But remember, in order to reduce the negative expectation to 0, it's best to bet as much as possible when occupies the position of banking, and as little as possible to play as a normal player. As a banker, you can bet between 6 and 14 times the amount that you gamble if you don't have that position, but the risk is about the same. You can suffer losses in the short term but long term, the odds are considerably. In general, most casinos limit the amount of hands that a player is able to be banking, since the banker activity begins with the dealer and moving around the table. In the event that a player does not want to be the banking opportunity is given to the next player. Most of the times a player will be allowed to hold this position till a maximum of 2 consecutive hands. So the best option is to find a table where other players no nor a dealer, so you can be in a position of is banking on each hand. Use your cards to create the best front hand of Pai Gow. Inexperienced players often forget that the first coat is as important as the last. Very often, a player without experience pays more attention to your rear hand, and will try to promote the strength of the hand of five cards to exclude the front hand of 2 cards. The best option is always to find the most optimal combination that will give you good odds of winning hands. But, at the same time, it should not be forgotten that the front hand cannot be stronger than the rear, since the cards forming it are 2, in contrast to 5.

It is not good to play a Full. RULE: A full house never should play as the upper hand, since it will leave a single highest card for the first part, which almost sure that means that player tie. A better option is to play the trio in the rear and two of a kind in the front hand. In this way the two hands have a great chance of winning.

How to play your cards when you have 3 pairs. When you have them at first, best thing is to play the pair higher in the front hand, since any two pairs gives the player a good chance of winning the rear, anyway. So when you play the highest pair in the front, you increase your chances of winning any possible pair that the dealer could play. This is the most optimal strategy in this case.

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