Chapter 7.2:
Properties of Powers

Simplify Expressions with Exponents
Evaluate Power Equations

Parts of a Power:

Base-> X^n <-Exponent

Properties of Powers Chart

Product of Powers

If two powers share a common base, the exponents are added together.

Power of a Power

If a number is raised to an exponent, the two exponents are multiplied together.

Power of a Product

If there are two values within the parenthesis, the exponent must be distributed to both values.

Quotient of Powers

If two powers are divided and share the same base, the exponents must be subtracted.

The exponent in the denominator is subtracted from the exponent in the numerator.

Power of a Quotient

If a fraction within parenthesis is raised to an exponent, the exponent is distributed to both the numerator and the denominator.  

Zero Exponent

If a nonzero number is raised to a zero exponent, the power is equal to 1.

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