Camera Operator / Videographer

A camera operator, or videographer, follows the instructions from the director to capture footage during the production of a video.

Job listing:

Craftsy's production team is looking for a confident, versatile and professional full-time Videographer to light, shoot and edit core instructional content. Our Videographer will need to have a proven track record of learning quickly and adapting to a fast changing work environment and must have the ability to take direction and run with it. We're looking for someone with the drive to contribute ideas and collaborate in a group.

As our Videographer, you will:

  • Be on point to set up the lighting of studios or locations for video recording, consistent with established styles of lighting
  • Setup and operate cameras and microphones
  • Work with the crew to facilitate the production of courses
  • Lift heavy equipment and work on ladders while rigging lights
  • Edit courses after photography wraps

Your background and experience will likely include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Minimum two years experience shooting commercial video for broadcast or internet
  • Proficient in key photographic techniques: exposure, composition, focus and lenses
  • Familiarity with on-set procedures and production methods
  • The ability to anticipate and lead unpredictable action as an operator covering unscripted material
  • Experience with various camera models (Sony EX1R and/or Canon 5D m2 DSLR cameras a plus)
  • Confidence operating a jib or other dynamic camera rigs
  • Knowledge of lighting and grip equipment (Arri, Kino-Flo, or Lite panel lighting equipment a plus)
  • Demonstrated handle on lighting subjects in smaller enclosed spaces
  • Comfortable on location indoors, outdoors and in our studio
  • Travel (as much as eight days per month)
  • Proficient in Premiere, Final Cut or equivalent non-linear editing software
  • Well-organized, patient and adaptable

The Ideal Candidate also has:

  • Tabletop or instructional shooting experience
  • Experience with After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Ability to work in a professional office environment
  • A sense of humor and plays well with others

What should I submit with my resume?

  • A link or document that provides access to your portfolio of relevant work. We will not consider applicants who do not provide a portfolio for creative roles.
  • A 1 page cover letter indicating what has motivated you to pursue a position with Craftsy in one of our Creative roles and your response to one of the questions listed below.
    • We’re looking for Creative professionals who can make a business impact. Describe a time when your designs had a tangible impact on the team or business you were supporting.
    • The mission of Craftsy is to is to become the premier global destination for curated education, supplies, and inspiration for passionate enthusiast “makers.” Discuss how you contribute toward this mission based on your experience and skills.

Typical day / routines:

If you work in set television programmes such as entertainment shows, you will work regular hours, although these may be unsocial (evening and weekends).

On film and documentary shoots, you can expect very long days (more than 12 hours). You are likely to travel to sets around the country and even around the world. You might be working outside in cold or wet conditions.

Handling cameras can be physically hard, especially if you are shooting a documentary or a film scene with a lightweight camera on your shoulder and need to hold it for long periods of time.

Only a handful of companies such as the BBC employ full-time camera operators. Most cameramen are freelancers, which can result in unstable earnings, especially at the start of your career.

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