This is all about famous jazz bassists! They are all unique and quite good. Check them out!!

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3 years ago

Anthony Wilson
Grade: 11th
Instrument: bass, guitar, percussion
Education: Bruton High School
Mission Bay high school: Mr. Balmat
Percussion instructor: Brian Peters
Middle School Teacher: Mr. Weston
About me: I started playing music in 8th grade. It was really simple, it was either band or spanish and I really didn't like spanish. I played tenor sax because they needed a bigger person to hold a bigger sax. I didn't start growing a passion for music until i got my first guitar in the middle of my 8th grade year. I learned on my own until I started playing guitar for the Mission Bay High School Jazz ensemble, which was a big band jazz band. I learned complex chord structures and a little bit of musical theory. In the middle of 9th grade I was asked to join the higher level jazz band. By the end of the year I had preformed live before professional jazz shows, weddings and many different festivals. I moved in the middle of my 10th grade year to Bruton High School where i started playing bass guitar. From there I was introduced to the percussion and by the beginning of the next year earned a spot as vice president and pit section leader.
My goals: My goals are to inspire the desire for learning and passion for music. I believe that people need to understand why and how something works in order to remember or accomplish a task successfully. I want to give my students a formal and in depth lesson that is personalized to their learning style. I expect that they do home studies as well as my lesson plans to full receive everything I have to give them.