Savings & Saiving Money

for university students

Tips for increasing your income:

  • Get a part-time job on campus to earn extra money.
  • Apply for university assistance from centerlink. Eg: Aus Study, Youth allowence, Rent assistance.
  • Put your money into an online savings account to earn more intrest.
  • Sell old text books online for extra cash.
  • Sell unwanted clothes and other items online.

Tips for saving money:

  • Cut down on your spending by only buying the things you really need. Create a budget to help with this, listing all the things you really need first and see how much money you have left over.
  • Buy your groceries in bulk, if you can afford to.
  • Cook from scratch, cut down on eating out and take away foods.
  • Buy your clothes from factory outlet stores to save money.
  • Take advantage of car boot sales and community shops. You never know what you might find, all you have to do is look.
  • Share a house with someone else. You can split the rent, gas and electricity bills in half.
  • Apply for scholarships to help pay for your education.
  • Look on used text book websites for text books that may have only been used once. Eg: Textbook Exchange, World of Books.
  • Share and swap items with friends like DVD's and books.
  • Apply for a health care card. This card can enable you to get discounts on some prescription medicines, dental, optical treatment and ambulance travel, some bills (gas, electricity, water rates and fares on public transport.
  • Join Student VIP. This is where you can get discounts, trade textbooks, apply for interships and grants and even find flatmates.

Where to buy essentials:

There are many places where you can buy cheap but quality products when your are on a budget. Aldi, Costco, Not Quite Right, Target, Big W and Chemist Warehouse and markets are all examples of where you can buy fruit, vegetables, bread and toiletries.

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