Terry brooks

Author study
by: Kodi Righthouse

Born: Jan. 8th 1944 ( 70 yrs. ) still alive


Terence Dean AKA Terry Brooks was a straight A student.

He is from Sterling Illinois.

He started writing books in high school. Then he got famous for publishing one of his books.

The genre of his books are modern fantasies.

The book I am reading now of his is called The Legends of Shannara.

Some of his famous quotes that are my favorites are, " We are constantly being put to the test by trying circumstances and difficult people and problems not necessarily of our own making."

"We forget that what matters begins in the imagination."

"I have learned to do more with less."

"After all, you put a lot into creating a universe and everything that goes with it, and it seems a shame to only use it once."

Also his favorite thing to do was writing books and read books.

And Something major that had happened in his life is when he published his first book and everyone seemed to love it.

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