Introduction of Akita

The deepest lake in Japan & Samurai house

Welcome to Akita!

Welcome and welcome back to Akita!! The winter end, and the spring has come to Akita. We are happy to share the tour with you! The first destination will be Tarawa lake (the deepest lake in Japan) and Sakura festival in Kakunodate (samurai village).

With  freshmen and International students, let's enjoy the spring of Akita!

Tazawa Lake
Samurai houses
On 29th of April in 2014
you can see the real samurai belongings!


29th of April (just the first day

08:30 Leave AIU

10:00 Arrive Tazawa lake, free time

11:30 Leave Tazawa lake

12:00 Arrive Kakunodate

15:30 Leave Kakunodate

16:30 Arrive AIU

Photo Competition

This time, we will hold the photo competition with a big prize!


▪️We will make a team

▪️Each team will find out a good location for taking photo

▪️Every member will be on a photo

▪️We will upload the best 3 photos on Facebook Page

▪️The team which get the biggest number of "like" will get the prize!!


¥2,000 (including bus transportation and insurance)

Advance Reservation!!

Now we will share the early reservation for the people who read this!

Time: 7th of April, from 11:00-13:00

Place: at student hall 1st floor

How: You give us the signature, you get the seat!

※This reservation is conducted in order to know how many people will come.

※If you come to the desk to reserve, you will get the seat for sure.

※We will announce the payment day later.

※If you cannot come tomorrow(7th of April), don't worry. We will make another day for reservation.