1930's Research Project

By: Monte Day

          The 1930's were a very grim period of life for Americans. The beginning of the 1930's marked the start of The Great Depression. The Depression affected almost every aspect of American culture. The art, literature, music and numerous other happenings changed as a result of this disaster.

Billie Holiday


Billie Holiday was an American jazz singer on the rise in the 1930's. She was very popular among Americans in 1939 with her hit single, Strange Fruit, (the youtube link is above). This song has been argued to be one of the best songs of the 30's with it's very influential lyrics and it's inspiring background.

The Hoover Dam was a monumental build that took place in the 30's. It gave many Americans work during the Great Depression when many others did not have work. The dam was revolutionary with how much power it could churn out. It was also an architectural feat in it of itself. It was an astonishing 726 feet high and 1,244 feet long. It had enough concrete to build a two lane high way from Seattle to Miami. It was essential for getting the US to bounce back from the depression and it also led to the founding of Las Vegas.

The stock market crashing was what caused the Great Depression. The day is now remembered as Black Tuesday and is a very painful day in the heart of Americans. The stocks crashed due to inflation and everyone selling their stocks at once. And once it started there was no slowing it down. It was a snowball effect that ravaged the economy and even put banks out of business. Almost 50% of Americans were unemployed and on the verge of starvation. It wasn't until the late thirties and the start of WWII that the depression ended and Americans returned to normal routines. This will never be forgotten in the hearts of Americans.


Kate Smith was a very influential singer in the thirties. She came out with God Bless America in 1938 towards the end of the Depression when nationalism was high. This jetted her single to the top of the charts and making her one of the greatest American singer of all time.


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