She survived. He survived. Now they must survive each other.

Z for Zachariah

Z for Zachariah

In this story the world has gone into to nuclear war, killing almost all life on Earth.

The main character, Ann a 16 year old girl, survives in a valley alone after her family left to look for help and most likely died. From this point on she learns to live alone, survive off the land and a near by general store, and keeps account in a diary.

But one day Ann notices a man in a strange suit  in the distance. She watches him for a few days hoping he wont notice the green of the valley. This man eventually finds the valley, Ann watches from a cave not knowing this mans intentions. This man decides to bath in a radioactive water. Ann nurses him back to health but in the process finds out all his darkest secrets.

Mr. Loomis, the man in the suit, loses his mind more and more every day due to the radiation poisoning. Eventually Ann goes from dreaming about marrying probably the last man on Earth, to trying to get away from him. Will Ann find a way to escape Mr. Loomis? You'll have to read to find out.

If you enjoy books that are interesting at all times, i suggest reading this book.

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