Unlce Tom's Cabin project

                                            Tiera Ausby,   12/17/14,   4th Block



1. Uncle Thom : Was a motivating man who kept religious faith, and who was gentle natured, and his unfailing honesty

2. Eliza: she trusts that God will take care of her if she obeys her master. Decides to run away for a chance to save her son due to him being offered for sell

3. The Quakers: Was a hero because they helped Eliza instead of turning her in because she was a runaway slave. They did not believe in slavery




1. Marie: She’s also reluctant to think hard about anything if it might cause her the slightest inconvenience to do so. Her favorite thing to do is keep the entire household up all night with her petty ailments and needs.

2.  Tom Loker: boasts about Tom Loker’s brutality toward his slaves. Hired by Haley to catch Eliza and Harry, Tom plots with a friend to return Harry to Haley and to sell Eliza as a sex slave.

3. Simon: the brutal Louisiana plantation ownerPeople with redeemable characteristics or qualities. Legree is evil,thoroughly and remorselessly evil. He has no redeeming features. He’s got a conscience,but he’s trampled it under and decided to behave with utterly inhuman  cruelty

                        People with redeemable characteristics or qualities


1. Mr. Haley: He’s not completely evil,but he’s not particularly good either. He claims to be "humane" man, but what he means by that is simply that he likes to avoid scenes in which he has to see slaves suffering because of his actions. They can suffer – he just doesn’t want to see it.

2. Arthur Shelby: Mr. Shelby is kind but careless. He breaks his word and his code of ethics and sells both Tom and Eliza’s son, Harry. He considers himself above the low slave trader

Cassy- Legree’s literal sex slave. gives Stowe an opportunity to suggest, with a few broad strokes, the extent of the sexual mistreatment to which female slaves are subjected.

                                                    8 Horrors of Slavery


1. Abuse of the human rights of slaves

2. No freedom for slaves

3. Slave owners raped the female slaves

4. Most slaves were not aloud to wear shoes

5. Slaves worked from dawn till dusk

6. The slaves were given a new identity (new names)

7. Slaves were beaten/whipped badly and treated very poorly

8. Slaves health began to decline due to constant harsh labor (poor posture; bad backs)

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6.  Yes. I do believe that this book is relevant for todays time. I say this because this book could be a great resource to students in history class, who are studying the subject of slavery. I do believe that this book is too painful, however I still believe that individuals should read it because it gives good insight on the horrible treatment and ideals of slaves, and what brutality they had to endure. I also believe that people need to be reminded of what slavery was like historically, and that indeed we are still dreaming. I say this because when most people think of slavery, the main thing that pops up in their mind is that slaves worked on fields, and that they were beaten. I think that people really need to be reminded and really learn more in depth about slavery, because there was more to just being beat and working in slavery. They were separated from their families, they were given practically new identities, and it made slaves feel dehumanized.

7. I think that Abraham Lincoln credited this book to starting the civil war because her book had a major effect on the nation. When the book was first published, it infuriated the South. Due to the books emotional nature, Southerners were afraid that the book was going to influence others in the South, into no longer being involved in slavery. As a result, most states banned its sale, however, half a million copies were still sold within four years of its publication. Subsequently, during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln met with Harriet Beecher Stowe, and reportedly said to her "So you're the little lady that caused this great big war." I think that the Civil War would have eventually happened without Harriet's book, however I do not think that the war would have happened as soon. My estimation is that maybe the Civil War would have happened a decade or so later, if it weren't for this book. The printing of this book helped to persuade the Civil War because the book created many emotions in americans. Some were against it, and still others were for it. These oppositions and different opinions led to conflict and arguments which created the birth of the civil war. I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, because writing and words have the ability to persuade people in an indescribable yet fascinating ways, that the sword cannot do. The pen has the ability to make an individual actually think and decide to finally take action about a situation, while the sword solves no problem; it only kills, harms, and destroys.

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