World War II - Hitler

Why did Adolf Hitler not like the Jews?

Hitler did not like the Jews because he said that they were poor. Also he thought getting rid of the Jews would make Germany powerful again, Since the Jews did stuff during the war it was easy to blame the Jews.

Adolf Hitler was was the leader for Germany Adolf Hitler was the one who convinced people that Jews were bad.

What was Adolf Hitler doing?

Adolf Hitler was building up Germany.  Hitler was then going to try to attack other places. Also some people did not know that they were never going to keep them in Concentration camp they were going to get killed.  The Hitler youth was using the Jews as slaves and target practice if they were not good to be a slave they got put in a gas chamber were they put the Jews in gas chambers.That is were they are in a big stone house with holes in them and they drop gas bombs and that burns there eyes the throat and skin.  

If someone thing that Adolf Hitler did not like one of the consivecwens would be to be put in a gas chamber and that would kill them.

What happened to the Jews when they got captured?

When the Jews got taken away they were killed a lot they got there teeth pulled out also, the Hitler Youth would have to go out side naked in the winter and they would dump ice water on there fingers in tell there fingers froze and then the Hitler Youth hit the person fingers in tell they broke.  The Jews also were used as target practice to be shot at with guns and to fight.

How does this historical event continue to impact our lives today? What lesson did we learn from this event?

I think it makes us today for some people to realize that everyone is the same also I think it changes us today that you should not judge a person because of their race.


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You Should Check the spelling in the first paragraph

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How did the Germans use them for target practice? Would it kill them

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Nice job I liked all of the facts and learned ome new things

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why did the jews make Germany less powerful?